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Thursday, February 15, 2018



Like the others these callers are harassers, and scammers,which are filling my Call block app. I want to keep them as the numbers begins to row over past the alloted amount of number that an be block before yo have to remove some of them.

(513) 576-5760    
(515) 576-5760    
(612) 435-8142    
(706) 635-7555    
(706) 745-0757    
(727) 469-8811    
(727) 494-7281    
(727) 641-7515    
(800) 288-4545    
(877) 609-5704    
(800) 609-5704    
(917) 576-6373

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We Of The "Me" Group Say, "We Do It For Ourselves, And Not For A Him!

Hello Darlings,

It has comes to my attention, after leaving a couple of professional offices because of questionable and uncomfortable situations with the staff, that the problem for that mistreatment is due to two reasons. The first, the troublemakers from St. Petersburg came here to Largo, and poisoned the minds of these people because I was new and they did not know me. 

The troublemakers I speak of are the people who ran the now failed King/Queen Christian School. They and a few residents on Dartmouth Avenue were responsible for keeping avenue and the neighborhood in turmoil. What did they want. The property that other people were living in. Now that their school close, they want to bland me for its failure, while at the same time, blinding themselves to the fact that they were the only caused for it.

What occurred was that some members of King/Queen Christian School (we assumed they were teachers, but we don’t know be sure)  allowed a group of kids in their charge to call me a lady of ill repute (not the exact wording) as I was on a daily walk that took me pass the school in the mornings. This childish lie came from mouths of the young minds that they were supposed to be educating for a brighter future to ensure their tomorrows. What happened was that children were corrupted and learned nothing of value from that school. In addition, because, the school refused to take responsibly for leading those children to say such an awful thing,  I have had to defend myself repeatedly since the incident occurred, and I still have the security recording with their voices saying that whore repeatedly on it.  They never apologized. Instead they overturned a neighborhood.

Yes, I know they came up here and poisoned the minds some people here in Largo. They did it only because they did not want people to know that I am not a bad woman they have tried to make others believe. However, their attempting to hurt me is such a childish way, only shows what type of people they are and nothing truly about me.

The second reason, and this is more disturbing deals with the question of my finances, which is no one's business but my husband and myself. This was brought about because some women noticed that I dressed nicely just to go on routine errands. I paid them no minds and ran my errands as usual.

However, recently, I came to this conclusion after I was told by another woman that some woman dress nicely attract professional men.

I found her statement confusing as I had no interest in such things or behavior. Grant it. There are women that do this kind of thing. They are women looking for attention because they are either lonely, or predictors looking for attention in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons. I am neither of these women.

However. and thank god, there are  women dress who dress as I do for simple and common sense reasons. 1. many, many women professions in offices dictates dressing nicely.  Their either wear business suits or nice dresses that can be worn on the job or an evening out.  I was lucky enough to be one of these women.

Then there are those of us who are in a third group, an entirely difference  group of women, called the "Me" group. Motto "I Do It For Me." I am a part of this group as well, and we dress the way we do for ourselves, and NOT FOR A HIM.  We like to looking nice and as opened minded women, we see absolutely no reason way we should dress like hags to please someone else's perception of what we the "Me" group should be dressing like.

Wake up ladies. Should my dressing nicely set up you, make you jealous, or question where the money coming from ti  dress my way, perhaps you needs learn how to shop, open your minds, or simply turn your attentions elsewhere.

Because Dearies,  I, and I do mean I, … DRESS FOR ME. Therefore, I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTERESTING in dressing for a HIM.

Not only that! I have a HIM to whom I drag around town with me on occasions. He is my Mr. Grumpy, and we have been married nearly 40 years.

In conclusion, I enjoy being among the open minded "Me" group, and  I neither need another HIM nor want someone else's HIM.



P.S. I am truly surprise at the number of base thinking people who were involved in attempting to damage my reputation. Let's turn our minds to higher thinking.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

I don’t lie, It's Just More Sh_t

Well, it appears that it is a regular things to harass people in any sneaky  means impossible. Today, I went to Winn-Dixie, and being on alerts for retaliation from the people here, unfortunately, I was not disappointed.

This harassment came in the form of music that where the singer song of things that had happened in his life, and happens in many people lives. However, knowing the sneakiness of troublemakers, I knew the music was directed at me.

Well. No biggy it been done before, and it does not cause any embarrassment because shit like this happen to people.

However, I did not lie about what my old neighbors did nor the fact that at least one of them came all the way from St. Pete to Largo to cause all this upset. What one of my downstairs neighbors (1801) has done was a new twist because I have never had to deal with people who does like the sold of Asian entertainment , and the nerve tell me that they did not like "Rice".

Not being use to such sly racism I did not catch on at first. However, when I understood. My thoughts were and bad too. The wall are thin and some have holes, get use to it.  The other neighbors (1802) had someone go to my Asian neighbors to discover what I am watching and why. However, I could have asked me and I would have told them simply. "I like it", and to "stop beat on their walls or ceiling" wherever they hear me watching.  They also agreed to allow a gardener to start do some harassment as well. Like I said, the walls are thins, and one must be careful of what one say when the doors and windows are opened.

The yet other neighbor (1809) , a black woman, really got in good with the troublemaker from St. Pete and started parading about men that favored the womanizing men I rejected in St. Pete years ago.

What is the worst is that one of them spoke with some in my new doctors office and suddenly, I having troubling by mistreatment.

What troubled me the most is that one medical office, took my debit card number and placed it in her computer. Had I not notice her doing it, I never would have known that she had done. When I asked her what she was doing with my card. She stated, "They wanted It" without telling me who "they" were or why.

I didn't this. Therefore, after some research I discovered that no doctor or medical group can take a patient credit card, debit card, checking account information, etc without getting prior consent from the patient. Such practices generally  is done with patients without insurance. I do have insurance and my consent was not granted, so I cancelled to card.  Had I been asked if they could store my debit information the answer would have been understandably, "no". This inference in my medical treatment is an unforgivable act my neighbors.

As for the troublemakers from St. Pete who came here to spread whatever tales they wanted to my new neighbors, they are trying their best to cause a racial instance.

They first tried it with other blacks. When that failed they tried it with whites. From there East Indians. Now they are attempting to use the Hispanic, who has involved the Asian just because they don't like heard Asian entertainment.
These attempt at causing racial instances are ridiculous, and is more telling the blacks troublemakers that inciting the other races than those races. Racism is no crime, act on the emotion of racism is a crime, a federal at that.  

I wonder what racial group these troublemaker s will try to incite next.  It is a sad state on being, but people filled with unjustified hatred don’t see or act clearly.

I almost forgot. We have had some thief of kitchen and  personal items. We changed the locks.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

One Hour Review of Widescreen Network News

This site is only open for one hour tonight for those of you who have fallen under the evil lies of the the people you, not me have let into yours lives to manipulate you in doing irrationality and harmful acts. I closed the site, because I believe that what occurred in St. Petersburg, stays in St. Petersburg. However, I understand that evil will across borders to harm others.

These have cause trouble on the Avenue I once lived on and it surrounding neighborhood. Now that you have fallen under their spell, and shown that you are with them in deeds. I consider them your problems. Don't attempt to drag me into your dealing with them. They continue to fell you will lies and I will not tale no responsibility for the harm them will do you in the future.  They are exposed child abuses, slanderers, womanizers, whores, and thieves. It is a bad group you chosen to believe and follow.

I am finished with this subject, and will take no more abuse of it in any nature because of it here or elsewhere. The people you listens you to and are following their example to should have told you that I have been with a crime prevention in St Petersburg for decades, and I am still a member of Eagle Eye, a St Petersburg camera crime prevention program. Therefore my advice to you is to wake up and stop letting fools use you.
They like to think that we left St Petersburg because of them. They are so wrong, we left because we needed to be here for personal reasons. However, there are others that gave out my new address and phone number, and like the sh *ts that they are the latched on to you.
In these pages you will learn to understand me as you will learn just who they are as well as their crimes that you have chosen to duplicate. Get rid of them, and at the same time don't bring any of this my way. We are not alone here as you may believe.

We all have a chance to become neighbors that respect each other. This can only happen  if you see the logic and horror in these pages and then let those St Petersburg troublemakers go before turn on you like they have others who followed deceptions.

Before you start, I tell you now that I do not apologize for my feelings and at times my strong language. The people you are relying on now for information have created my feelings towards them and those feelings will forever remain as sins never forgiven.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Deadly Parasitic Lungworm Found in Five Floirida;s Counties

The University of Florida researchers have released information about the discovery of Angiostrongylus cantonensis (Lungworms) in Hillsborough, Orange, Alachua, Leon, and St. Johns counties.

Angiostrongylus cantonensis is known to be a major cause of eosinophilic meningitis in humans who have eaten raw or improperly cooked snails or slugs that are infected with the parasite. The parasite can also affect rats, birds, horses, dogs, and other non-human primates after they eat the larvae of snails and slugs.


Geographic distribution of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in wild rats (Rattus rattus) and terrestrial snails in Florida, USA

CDC: Parasites - Angiostrongyliasis (also known as Angiostrongylus Infection)