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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

One Hour Review of Widescreen Network News

This site is only open for one hour tonight for those of you who have fallen under the evil lies of the the people you, not me have let into yours lives to manipulate you in doing irrationality and harmful acts. I closed the site, because I believe that what occurred in St. Petersburg, stays in St. Petersburg. However, I understand that evil will across borders to harm others.

These have cause trouble on the Avenue I once lived on and it surrounding neighborhood. Now that you have fallen under their spell, and shown that you are with them in deeds. I consider them your problems. Don't attempt to drag me into your dealing with them. They continue to fell you will lies and I will not tale no responsibility for the harm them will do you in the future.  They are exposed child abuses, slanderers, womanizers, whores, and thieves. It is a bad group you chosen to believe and follow.

I am finished with this subject, and will take no more abuse of it in any nature because of it here or elsewhere. The people you listens you to and are following their example to should have told you that I have been with a crime prevention in St Petersburg for decades, and I am still a member of Eagle Eye, a St Petersburg camera crime prevention program. Therefore my advice to you is to wake up and stop letting fools use you.
They like to think that we left St Petersburg because of them. They are so wrong, we left because we needed to be here for personal reasons. However, there are others that gave out my new address and phone number, and like the sh *ts that they are the latched on to you.
In these pages you will learn to understand me as you will learn just who they are as well as their crimes that you have chosen to duplicate. Get rid of them, and at the same time don't bring any of this my way. We are not alone here as you may believe.

We all have a chance to become neighbors that respect each other. This can only happen  if you see the logic and horror in these pages and then let those St Petersburg troublemakers go before turn on you like they have others who followed deceptions.

Before you start, I tell you now that I do not apologize for my feelings and at times my strong language. The people you are relying on now for information have created my feelings towards them and those feelings will forever remain as sins never forgiven.

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