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Sunday, January 14, 2018

I don’t lie, It's Just More Sh_t

Well, it appears that it is a regular things to harass people in any sneaky  means impossible. Today, I went to Winn-Dixie, and being on alerts for retaliation from the people here, unfortunately, I was not disappointed.

This harassment came in the form of music that where the singer song of things that had happened in his life, and happens in many people lives. However, knowing the sneakiness of troublemakers, I knew the music was directed at me.

Well. No biggy it been done before, and it does not cause any embarrassment because shit like this happen to people.

However, I did not lie about what my old neighbors did nor the fact that at least one of them came all the way from St. Pete to Largo to cause all this upset. What one of my downstairs neighbors (1801) has done was a new twist because I have never had to deal with people who does like the sold of Asian entertainment , and the nerve tell me that they did not like "Rice".

Not being use to such sly racism I did not catch on at first. However, when I understood. My thoughts were and bad too. The wall are thin and some have holes, get use to it.  The other neighbors (1802) had someone go to my Asian neighbors to discover what I am watching and why. However, I could have asked me and I would have told them simply. "I like it", and to "stop beat on their walls or ceiling" wherever they hear me watching.  They also agreed to allow a gardener to start do some harassment as well. Like I said, the walls are thins, and one must be careful of what one say when the doors and windows are opened.

The yet other neighbor (1809) , a black woman, really got in good with the troublemaker from St. Pete and started parading about men that favored the womanizing men I rejected in St. Pete years ago.

What is the worst is that one of them spoke with some in my new doctors office and suddenly, I having troubling by mistreatment.

What troubled me the most is that one medical office, took my debit card number and placed it in her computer. Had I not notice her doing it, I never would have known that she had done. When I asked her what she was doing with my card. She stated, "They wanted It" without telling me who "they" were or why.

I didn't this. Therefore, after some research I discovered that no doctor or medical group can take a patient credit card, debit card, checking account information, etc without getting prior consent from the patient. Such practices generally  is done with patients without insurance. I do have insurance and my consent was not granted, so I cancelled to card.  Had I been asked if they could store my debit information the answer would have been understandably, "no". This inference in my medical treatment is an unforgivable act my neighbors.

As for the troublemakers from St. Pete who came here to spread whatever tales they wanted to my new neighbors, they are trying their best to cause a racial instance.

They first tried it with other blacks. When that failed they tried it with whites. From there East Indians. Now they are attempting to use the Hispanic, who has involved the Asian just because they don't like heard Asian entertainment.
These attempt at causing racial instances are ridiculous, and is more telling the blacks troublemakers that inciting the other races than those races. Racism is no crime, act on the emotion of racism is a crime, a federal at that.  

I wonder what racial group these troublemaker s will try to incite next.  It is a sad state on being, but people filled with unjustified hatred don’t see or act clearly.

I almost forgot. We have had some thief of kitchen and  personal items. We changed the locks.


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